Digital Footprint Pt. 1

This is a post on the difference between these two videos, and

The first video focuses more on what makes up your digital footprint. It shows you why you should be aware because of how much information is always being collected from you. I found this video a bit boring because I already knew what makes up my digital footprint. It would’ve been more interesting if they showed how all the information they warn you is getting collected, gets collected. The second video was interesting because it shows the span of a child from before birth until he has a child of his own, which in that case the cycle starts all over again. This video showed you how much information gets collected about you in your entire life. I liked the second video better because it made me gain a new perspective on our digital footprint. It explains how it starts before you’re even born. I had never realized that it could start without my control, because so much of digital footprint education is about the choices we make.

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